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Smart Savings on Generics

Generics are analogs of expensive drugs that are similar to their properties.

Almost all drugs have their own analogs, that is, drugs with identical composition, but with a different name and a country-manufacturer. There can be more than ten generics with different prices.

But the fact that they are many times less in cost does not mean that they are worse. This price is achieved due to the fact that the expenses for registration and patents are much lower than for imported goods because the cost of the latter includes the costs of clinical trials, transportation, customs duties and so on.

Therefore, when planning to buy medications, do not be in a hurry. First of all, find out from the doctor who prescribed them for you whether this remedy has analogs. You can use online pharmacies to compare prices and search for drugs on your own, as well as consult pharmacists. The composition is identical, but the prices are different – choose the most suitable option.

When choosing an analog, pay attention to the dosage, release form and method of prescribed drug use. After all, if you were prescribed a drug in tablets of ½ pill per day, you get capsules, then you will not be able to share them.